Winter 2020 Week 8: Spontaneous Watercolor Painting ala Nita Engle

YouTube Video Tutorials
Week 8's lesson is really more about Steve Mitchell's interpretation of Nita Engel's notion of having the watercolor paint itself. His YouTube Channel is 'The Mind of Watercolor'. When he first started doing these kinds of paintings he used several terms to describe his painting that seem to paint themselves: Impromptu, Accidental, Automatic and Spontaneous. He seemed to settle on 'Spontaneous'. Remember: Embrace Failure!!!Spontaneous Landscape Watercolor Painting Using SpatterPainting a Rocky Watercolor Landscape – Spontaneous PaintingWinter Woods Spontaneous Paintings – Etchr Post Card ReviewHow to Paint a Spontaneous Watercolor Landscape – "Accidental Painting"Spontaneous Watercolor Landscape Ft. RenesansL'aquarelle Canson Heritage par Serge Di meo - Approche techniqueI Painted This With Drips!!! + Best Month Ever!Limited Palette Spontaneous Landscape + Watercolor Board ReviewNita's Online Demo Websites
Nita EngleO…

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Winter 2020 Week 5: Trees

Demo by Milind Mulick TreeYouTube Video Tutorials

Demo by Milind Mulick Tree5 Techniques for Trees in WatercolorExercises in Watercolor: Edges (4 approaches to Trees) by Gary Tucker"Loose Trees" Instructional Watercolor Video by KEN HOBSON More complex compositions including skies, shrubs, trees, fences, reflections, etc. Wet in wet technique 4 - by Milind MilickWet in wet technique 2 - by Milind Mulick And for those who can't get enough of negative painting and fine mist spray, here is a tutorial on trees by Rick Surowicz: "Autumn in the trees" Narrated Step by Step Negative Painting Tutorial

Winter 2020 Week 4: Florals

This week I experimented with revisiting negative painting with a fine mist spray bottle in our treatment of florals. For many of you the experiment succeeded and you blossomed. For those who struggled, you may want to try the first (easiest) tutorial. For everyone else, take a look at all 3 and see which ones you would like to attempt. These first 3 are by Rick Surowicz (Easiest first, getting progressively more difficult:
Transparent Watercolor Two Color Rose Negative Painting TutorialTransparent Watercolor Narrated Tutorial, Featuring Negative Painting, Just DaisiesTransparent Watercolor Narrated Tutorial, Blushing Cascade For those who struggled with this idea of "Negative Painting", of painting around what it is you want stand out, there is this straight forward tutorial by Michael Salmon. No Spray bottle, monochromatic, simple shapes, fun results: How To Paint in Negative Space in Watercolour Watercolor Hydrangea Blue Tutorial For those who found the fine mist spray a l…

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Winter 2020 Week 2: Negative Painting (Using a Fine Mist Spray Bottle)